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I’ve been a little lax in posting pictures lately and I’m sorry!  I’ve been pretty busy lately working on the Kitchen Swap that I participated in over at the ‘Ville.  Once I finished with that, I immediately started on an afghan to send Sissie to help out with her request for the Victory Junction Gang Camp.  From Sissie’s post at the ‘Ville “Victory Junction Gang opened in June 2004. The Camp is a year-round camp that serves children, ages 6 to 16, with a variety of health issues. During the summer, the Camp offers week-long, disease-specific sessions with up to 128 kids per session. During the fall, winter and spring, family weekends are offered with 32 families per weekend. no child or family has to incur the cost of attending Victory Junction. The children served at Victory Junction are not able to attend normal summer camps due to their unique medical needs.”

I also found some amazing yarn at Joann’s when I went shopping for some yarn for Julee’s kitchen box.  It’s Patons Rumor and is an acrylic/alpaca mix that is so soft!  I got 8 skeins total for $1.97 each, original price $5.99!  5 of the skeins are called Hibiscus Heather, a gorgeous wine color.  I knew right away I wanted to use it to make a wrap for myself.  Once I finished the kitchen swap, I couldn’t resist also starting a wrap.  So I’m working on that as well and I was right, the yarn is perfect for one!  I realized I never posted what I made for Julee for the Kitchen Swap.  And no, I still haven’t used anything she’s sent me (wait, does the candle count?).  The crocheted items are just entirely too pretty.  I don’t want to ruin them 😀

Package for Julee

I also sent Julee an Easter Basket in a box.  She got a chocolate bunny, some Reese Pieces wrapped up in the shape of a carrot, some more chocolate, toys for the dogs and cats.  She also turned 21 recently, so I picked up some yummy stuff for her 😀  She got small bottles (sampler bottles people!) of Malibu, Bailey’s Irish Cream Caramel and Mint Chocolate and a Godiva White Chocolate.  I also included some hot chocolate (with a note that the Bailey’s and Godiva taste really good in hot cocoa) and some cider.



So in the last month I’ve gotten 2 round ripples done for Sissie, 7 heart squares with the hearts started for another 3.  And another round ripple.  I’m hoping to have the third round ripple done in the next couple of days so I can get them off to Sissie by this weekend.  Here’s the first two:

Round Ripples I used Caron Pounds in Espresso, Lace and Cream and an L hook.  Both are roughly 50″ from point to point and I still have plenty of Espresso left!  The Cream is being used with the heart squares.






My friend Hip saw the pictures of what Julee had sent me and asked what a soap cover is.  Sorry Hip!  I’ve been meaning to get a picture of this to show you.  What I actually meant to do was take a picture of it in my kitchen so everyone can see how small my kitchen is.  The little counters are currently covered with papers again, so no pictures of the kitchen for everyone.  But here’s the soap cover.  On the bottle of dish soap.


Isn’t it pretty?















That gets us caught up on all the current crochet items.  Here’s some other pictures for everyone.


Ciera and Boris curled up on the chair.  J and I can sit comfortably together on this chair!  When we first sat in it at the furniture store, we thought it was the love seat it’s that wide!  I can sit with my back against the pillow on one arm and my legs will stretch out straight to the other side.  Mom complains about my furniture because it’s so deep, but I love it like that.  And it’s a great place to nap.





My neighbor’s birthday was earlier this month.  And she likes her Miller Lite.  So J got the  bright idea to pick up some for her.  Looks like Tasha is guarding the beer (in actuality, it was a flat surface that is not the ground).











Dad’s older brother and his wife were in town last month.  Since they live all the way on the other side of the country, we don’t get to see them that nuch.  This was a definite treat.  So, can ya see the family resemblence?  I know, they look nothing alike 😉






And for those of you still suffering the effects of winter.  Lately it’s been absolutely beautiful here.  Central Florida is finally starting to see signs of Spring for us.  Yes I know, it’s Florida, but surprisingly it does get cold here during the winter.  And plants and trees take a short nap.  Because it’s been so beautiful lately I’ve been walking Ciera during lunch.  I’ve finally remembered to bring my camera and managed to get the following for everyone:











momma-duck-and-babiesMomma Duck swimming along with her babies.


 Ciera has recently discovered that bunny rabbits are fun to chase.  I think chasing them reminds her of chasing lizards.  ‘Cause she doesn’t chase after the cats like she chases lizards or bunnies.  Don’t worry, I didn’t let her catch the rabbits.


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  1. hipntrendy says:

    Hey – thanks for answering that question. I was wondering what it was since it looked like a dress and I was very confused. Great pictures – I need to whip out my camera, take some photos, and actually upload them. Spring is here and my cherry tree is in full bloom – looks like a big pink puffball!



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