More for Victory Junction

Purple Round Ripple with flashI just finished this purple round ripple the other night.  The yarn used is Joann’s Sensations Boucle.  The way it’s dyed allows it to provide its own striping so this RR had no yarn changes.  This picture is with flash, I thought the flash showed the definition between the shades better.






Purple RR without flash

This picture is without the flash.  It better shows the actual color.






Heart of a Child squares

These were made using the Heart of a Child square pattern designed by Donna at SmoothFox.  I got to test this pattern for her when she first designed it and I still love it.  The hearts themselves work up so quickly that I can do a heart in about 10 minutes.  Of this batch I think my favorite is the blue ombre at the top right.  This pattern works really well with ombre and varigated colors.  So well that I’m really tempted to get some more skeins of the blue ombre to make more hearts.  But I have a skein of TLC Amore in Plum Print that has blues and purples in it  that will be used formore hearts.  My thinking (and it’s up to Sissie of course) is that it’d be nice to have one heart square in an afghan that she puts together using different squares.  That means I have a lot more heart squares to make, but they’ll get done for the next round.

So Mom told me the other day that Grandpa’s lady friend managed to sell her house.  She recently put it on the market and expected it to take awhile, especially since there are a ton of other homes for sale in the retirement community where they live.  Lady friend plans on moving back to Michigan to live with her children since her health has slowly been declining over the years.  I’m very sad that she’s going to be leaving so soon.  I absolutely adore Lady friend.  She is so sweet, kind, loving and just all around amazing.  I had shown her the fat bottom bag I made several months ago and she loved it.  So much that she wants one and wanted to pay me for it (as if I’m going to accept money from her for that!).  So the additional heart squares have taken a pause and I started her fat bottom bag last night.  I should be able to have it finished by Easter sunday when I’ll see her next.  I’m using Patons Brillant in Blue shimmer and Caron Simply Soft in soft blue.  I’ll line the bag and I’m debating between a nice bright blue, a dark blue or a silver for the lining.  We’ll see.  Now, I’m off to the post office to get Sissie’s box off to her.


One Response to More for Victory Junction

  1. sissie says:

    Your picture does not do this RR justices!! I just received my box and oh these are all so pretty!!!
    and thank you so much for the heart squares. this gives me enough to make a blanket out of nothing but the heat square:) although now after reading this I am wondering about the square in each blanket made:)

    thank you my dear for all the great help you have been to me over these pass couple of years:)



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