2 new bags

These were supposed to be done on Sunday in time for Easter dinner.  They got finished last night.  But I do have to thank Mom.  If she hadn’t gotten sick, we wouldn’t have postponed our Easter dinner and they still wouldn’t have been done. 

blue fbb full image

This is a Fat Bottom Bag from the book Stitch ‘N Bitch; The Happy Hooker.  It’s a very quick pattern and rather than do some wooden holding handles, I found these instead and definitely prefer them.















blue fbb lining

blue h bag

And another H bag.  I like that these bags can be adjusted in size and pretty much looks great with any square.  I have a square done for another bag incorporating beads. 














blue h bag lining


2 Responses to 2 new bags

  1. hipntrendy says:

    Those look fantastic – you did a really good job on them.


  2. melissa says:

    hi there, i’m about to make the fat-bottom bag from the happy hooker and was wondering how you did the straps on yours? it is for a friend of mine and she would like it with straps….i’m sure i can figure it out for myself but why re-invent the wheel when you don’t have to?


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