It’s raining, it’s pouring

And I’m sure somewhere an old man is snoring.  Chances are pretty good Grandpa is asleep, or close to asleep right now 😀  But it really is raining and we need it sooo bad right now.  I’ve been watching the water levels by the ponds where I walk Ciera and it’s scary to see how low they are.  They’re so low that green grass/weeds/whatever is growing where water once was. 

Mom and Dad got drowned out Tuesday while what I got couldn’t even be called a sprinkle.  Let me tell ya, Florida gives new meaning to the phrase scattered showers.  But it’s ok that I didn’t get anything Tuesday, Ma Nature is making up for it now.  Yesterday it rained so hard it was like looking through foggy/gray film.  I was scheduled to work my part time job until midnight, so my plan was to take a short nap.  Before doing so however, I changed over to a news channel to check on the progress of the storm.  I was very surprised to hear that not only was my area under tornado warnings, but also that there was a tornado touchdown mere miles away.

Today we had the pleasure of another downpour but thankfully no tornado watches or warnings.  Sadly it’s nowhere near enough for what we need.  But it’s a start.  Now, here’s hoping the bike MS Citrus Tour will be severe weather free this weekend!


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