New and improved

Remember my fat bottom bag?  This one?  fbb Well, it’s been re-done somewhat.  I wasn’t completely happy with the handles, they were a little slippery.  And I wanted a closure, something I tried to add AFTER I had the handles sewn in.  Well, like the lining, I learned inner closures like snaps or magnets need to be done before the flap is sewn down over the handles. 

Plus, I made the bag for Joni and really liked the handles on that one.  Remember, this blue one? Blue FBB Full ImageYep, this one.  I really liked how the handles turned out, so I decided to take apart the handle portion of mine and and re-do it like the blue one.  That meant I could find a button to use as a closure and it could double as a decoration.  So here’s my updated fat bottom bag:

FBB Updated

It almost looks like a whole new bag 😀  The closure isn’t actually a button, I couldn’t find any big enough that I liked.  It’s a jewelry piece from the bead / jewelry area at Joann’s.  And I already had the gold ribbon on hand.  I think both the heart and the ribbon tie into the inside of the bag nicely.

I really like how well these turn out and how quickly they go.  Now I need to think of who needs a new hand bag so I can make more 😉


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