Overheard in Walmart

This is a conversation J and I overheard between a mother and her 7 or 8 year old daughter while checking out at Walmart last night.   At this point, more than 24 hours later, this is a paraphrase but recited as closely as I can remember.

Mom, in a whining tone: Do you really need the toy and the book?  Can’t you please just get the book?  You really need books.  I’m already at $157… I’m already spending $160, I can’t afford both.  Please just get the book. (To the cashier) We’ll just take this.

Then, as they were leaving…

Mom: I’m sorry you couldn’t get both.  I’m sorry.

The child had a full pout going on and looked like she was completely capable of breaking out into a full blown tantrum at any moment.


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