Anyone have a boat to share?

Anymore rain and we’ll be needing one!  I woke up to downpours yesterday morning, something that continued on and off throughout the day.  And while we need the rain, we don’t need that much at once, because then there’s too much for it to soak into the ground.  Here’s an idea of how much rain we’ve gotten over the past couple of days.  I took this picture yesterday.

High waterThis is normally a deepish ditch near my apartment.  See the two little insets/peninsulas about half way down, one on the right and one on the left?  That’s probably about the normal width of this ditch.  Now there’s so much water that it’s almost even with the road.  And the water you can see behind the trees on the right?  That’s someones driveway.  I’ve seen a small, low to the ground car there before.  So I feel a bit bad for them right now. 




And I have to show Little Bit!  She belongs to my neighbor’s parents but is current staying at my neighbor’s place.  Her real name is Tia, but Little Bit fits her so much better.  She’s a Shitzu/Chihuahua mix and is only about 7 weeks.  I love when I get to take her outside, she’s very free with her kisses and she’s still got the puppy breath. Little Bit  I’m not normally a fan of Chihuahua’s, they’re just not a breed I gravitate towards.  But Little Bit is cute as can be!  And yes, this was the best picture I could get of her.  Dang puppy wouldn’t sit still for 5 seconds.

On another note, J and I went and saw Public Enemiestonight and Johnny Depp is like a fine wine.  The older that man gets, the better he gets!  Public Enemieswasn’t as spectacular as I was hoping for, but it was still good and I still recommend it.  Johnny Depp made Dillinger very likable and very relatable.  We also saw some previews of upcoming movies that look good.  Leo DiCaprio is in something Island(the show Harper’s Island comes to mind, and that’s not it) and that not only looks original, but good and possibly slightly scary.  Matt Damon also has one coming out based on a true story, I think it has something to do with Anheuser Busch.  I also saw a poster for Fame, so I guess that’s also being re-made.  It’s sad that Hollywood has come to this already in our lifetime.


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