Things to make you go EEK!

Back in February I had some teeth filled.  When I made the appointment I told them I wanted them all done at the same time, I didn’t care that three were on the left side and one was on the right.  Even though my job is pretty flexible when it comes to things like appointments, it’s still easier to do everything all at once rather than at different times.  So when I showed up to my appointment, they weren’t aware that all teeth were to be done at the same time.  The dentist did, and I had to have about 3 shots of Novocaine on my left side because for some reason that side would not stay numb.  Right side, no problem, that day.  Later on I started having trouble with the molar that was filled.  Extreme cold sensetivity, pain when I tried to eat on that side, heck, pain when I bit down. 

Two more visits to the dentist and they adjusted my bite.  That’s all they did at those visits, and said if that didn’t fix the problem then I’d have to have a root canal done.  I decided if they just took x-rays and filed my teeth to adjust the bite, then they weren’t getting a third chance to get at my teeth.  And I figured if I really did need a root canal, I would need some time to get some money together for it.  So I’ve lived with it since February.  I did all my chewing with the left side of my mouth.  And that worked out pretty well, until a couple weekends ago when J and I were in Orlando. 

We were eating breakfast at the Cracker Barrell when all of a sudden I had a sharp pain in one of my lower left side teeth.  That tooth is now very cold sensative and if I eat anything cold, it has to be cut up very small.  That drove me back to the dentist, a different one this time.  And they decided a root canal is needed on the right molar.  They’re taking a wait and see approach with the left incisor, but tomorrow morning I have the joys of my very first root canal.  Yay me.


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