Oh the pain!

I had the joys of having my first ever root canal last Wednesday and I had no pain following the procedure.  Until Friday night.  Then I had an achy soreness.  The kind that really isn’t pain and really doesn’t bother a person.  Until it’s lasted several hours.  So I took some Ibuprofen for it and the pain went away.  That worked until Monday night.  Then the Ibuprofen stopped working and I almost headed to my nearest 24 hour pharmacy to fill my script for Tylenol 3.  But I didn’t, and Tuesday night ended up upgrading to Excedrin Migraine in the hopes it would help cut down on the pain some so I could sleep. 

I broke down yesterday and got my prescription filled.  I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t still be hurting and I’m positive that the pain shouldn’t have started out as negligible and increased in intensity.  So I’ll be calling the dentist today to find out why I still hurt.


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