Recent Events

A & WLook!  One still exists!  J and I were in Orlando in June and found this in Kissimmee.  He didn’t quite understand why I wanted to go and why it had to be the drive up/park area.  There’s nothing like an A&W in a nice cold, frosty mug at A&W to bring back memories.





New clothesPenny’s is having a “tax break” sale here, they’re providing discounts equal to the sales tax on clothing for back to school.  So I stopped really quick after work to see if they had any cute tops and this is what I ended up with.  The pants outfit was originally $70, I walked out with both items for $51!  I’m really not sure where I’ll be wearing them though.  I only go into the office 2 days a week, and those are the allowed jeans days. 



Last weekend J and I went canoing with some friends.  We had a good time, they all thought it’d be fun to play in the water at our lunch stop.  Not me, there’s snakes and alligators in the waters down here.  I wasn’t going to set foot in there if I could avoid it.  And I did 🙂  One couple wasn’t so lucky however.  They somehow managed to capsize their canoe, while they were ahead of the rest of us.  The poor couple was stuck in the water with no help for a couple of minutes.  And while I felt bad for them, it was still dang funny.  Here’s pictures from last weekend.  See if you can spot the gator!

canoeingCanoeing 2Canoeing 3J in Canoe

GatorTurtlesPlaying in the waterPlaying in the water 2Playing in the water 3Canoe submerged


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