One of these things is not like the other

Last weekend J and I went to check out some houses and neighborhoods.  This is very important around here because one block may look really nice and the next block completely run down and nasty.  While we heading to one of the houses, we saw this: huge house front view

This house was a bit out of place.  I wish I had taken a picture of the buildings across the street from it, just to show the complete differences.  The building on the left, the one with the connecting walkway, the backside of that building has the garage doors.  J and were guessing that the upper part is the guest or servant quarters.

Waiting for yoga to start

The other day I was waiting for Adrienne Reed yoga to start on WUSF.  Apparently Boris was also waiting to practice some Down Dog.

Tasha on her backRemember the recent photos of Boris and Ciera both crashed out on their backs?  Well here’s Tashas version.  She curls her feet up just like she was laying on her stomach and then someone picked her up, flipped her on her back and she couldn’t be bothered to move.

And finally, look what I caught Boris doing while I was working last night.  Sorry about the light, I didn’t dare get up to turn on more light, I was afraid he’d stop.  But you can still see him. 


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