House Hunting

J has been house hunting for awhile now and I don’t always get to go with thanks to my work schedule.  The few times I have gone I’ve wished I had my camera with.  Simply because some of the things people have done to these houses, and all because they think it improves the look, is beyond description.  There was the house with the beautiful living room.  And the enclosed area that was part of the patio.  At one point it looked like the master bedroom and dining area both had doors leading to the patio.  Now, it’s just an open space in the wall.  Then there was the house that had patio doors leading to the back yard.  But before you could get into the back yard after opening the patio doors, you also had to open the solid door, similar to a front door. 

So yesterday we headed out with the realtor and I remembered my camera.  Granted some of these aren’t as strange and WTF inducing as other things we’ve seen.  But they were still odd and deserved to be captured for your entertainment.

House hunting 2First we have the doorway to heaven.  This is a two story house and apparently the builder decided the AC unit stuff needed to go in the space above the stairs.  And of course there needs to be access to it.  So we have the floating door.  J is tall enough that he can actually reach to the handle while standing a step or two up.  But the rest of us not really all that short people?  Yeah, not happening there. 

House hunting 3This is the same house.  The house has a 1/2 bath downstairs, right next to the stairs.  I actually thought this was a clever idea, this little door is for a small storage space under the stairs.  And even though it’s clever, the little door that would fit one of Snow White’s Dwarf friends was actually pretty cute and funny.

House hunting 4This is a short sale that apparently had a leak in the pool.  The guy fixed it, but since it’s a short sale didn’t want to be hassled with cleaning the pool.  So not only is it this pretty green color, but there’s also tadpoles.  Lots and lots and lots of fat tadpoles.  Frog legs anyone?  The scary part?  This is one of the houses J is seriously considering.  Anyone want to come clean a pool?  We’ll let you take a dip to cool off when you’re done 😀  And we’ll even find a way to grill up some frog leg’s for you.

House hunting 5Pretty sure this was the same house as the pool.  This is the master bath and the realtor said this is a “Roman” bath.  I guess the faucet at the bottom is for cleaning feet.  Heh, it’s the foot version of the bidet.

And last but not least is this video.  It was in a house that looked like they enclosed part of the patio, possibly.  The jury is still out on that.  I’m not sure what the purpose of this area was for, but my best guess is maybe the family had either boy/girl twins or very young children who needed to share this space for some reason.   I don’t know,  you guys decide.


One Response to House Hunting

  1. Becca says:

    I have always dreamed of a secret closet in my home. Just not in the bathroom right next to the toilet.


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