Such pretty colors!

I freely admit to having a yarn addiction and I’ve been doing good lately at only buying for a current project, which isn’t much of a problem since I usually use the yarns I can find at Joann’s or Michael’s.  But notice the past tense, I’ve been There’s a very good reason for the past tense, Joann’s is carrying Lion Brand’s Holiday Homespun yarn.  And the colors are so pretty!  The first time I saw them I did good and resisted buying some.  After all, I didn’t have a project using those colors/yarns.  Then Lion announced that all their patterns (Lion’s, not patterns they sell by other publishers) listed on their website would be free!  Hey, free patterns?!  Hot dog!  I have a weakness for patterns too, especially free ones.  Off I went to scour the site to see what patterns I’d like to add to my collection.

That’s when I saw patterns that will be great with the new Holiday Homespun yarns.  Score!  A reason for me to go buy some of that oh so pretty yarn!  I have been doing good and only buying with a coupon.  Now one of the things I’m contemplating is a round ripple in the brighter shades.  They’re just soo pretty 🙂  And I currently have a skein of each color they have available, more to come when I get more coupons.



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