It was supposed to be me :(

One of my local radio stations, WQYK, has been giving away Disney tickets in the morning.  Disney has gotten expensive, and has even upped their Florida Resident rates again recently to somewhere around $70/ticket for a single day ticket.  That’s a heckuva lot of money for one day.  So I’ve been trying to call in, because I like Disney, I like the rides.  And I like Mickey, Minnie and all the other characters. 

This morning I called, and suddenly the line picks up and I hear “Congratulations!”  I don’t know what happened, I responded, but somehow they couldn’t hear me.  So I didn’t actually win tickets.  I was so disappointed, I would have happily gone and spent some money on food and what not with those free tickets.  Guess I’ll have to try again.

On another note, bowling started last Saturday.  I agreed to be the team substitute and I will be bowling until at least October 10 for one of the team members.  I figured I should go ahead and buy some shoes rather than renting them each week.  And I found a pair I love!  I ordered these .  The confirmation email I received showed what time the shoes were ordered, and it was listed in central time.  So I figured the shoes are probably coming from someplace in the Midwest.  Imagine my surprise when I opened the “your item has shipped” email this morning to find they were picked up yesterday and due to be delivered today.  So I checked out where they were shipped from.  My shoes were shipped from Tampa, they went to Orlando and as of this morning they were back in Tampa.  Uhhh, why not just keep them in the same town?  LOL


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