Life is like a box of chocolates…

Sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, sometimes a little nutty.  Right now, overall, life is pretty sweet.  I’m very excited about tomorrow, and that’s contributing to the sweet part. 

I’m going to be doing some volunteering for the National MS Society and starting tomorrow I’m going to be leading a support group for those with MS!  Doing this fulfills a need and desire I’ve had to do more with the National MS Society and the volunteer co-ordinator has been amazingly helpful with this.    The group is going to be more of a social support group and tomorrow is our very first meeting; an afternoon of games, just something lighthearted for people to get together, chat and maybe forget about everything for a while. 

I’m also working on coming up with ideas for future events.  One that will happen is a yoga class.  I’ve talked to my yoga instructor from the gym at work and while details need to be hammered out, she wants to come teach it!  The class will focus more on adaptations that can be done for yoga poses for those who maybe are chair bound or can’t get onto the floor.  I’m also tentatively planning on a potluck or a cookie exchange for December, again something where people can get together, chat and let the stress of life and the holidays just slide away for a little bit.  I’m also planning on contacting the SouthEast Guide Dogs or DogSense Obdience to check on finding someone who trains service dogs for people with disabilities.  I’d love to have someone come in and speak about how a service dog can be a help beyond the usually obvious guide dogs. 

The social support group is starting to become a reality and I’ve had a lot of people respond positively.  I’m looking forward to connecting to more people fighting MS and hopefully making some new friends.


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