You never know what you’re going to get

And boy was that the case today.  When working with the volunteer coordinator at the Mid-Florida chapter of the MS Society it was suggested that I do a more social group rather than a support group.  Now, I’ve had tons of ideas for doing a support group and the different speakers/topics I can bring in.  So the suggestion to do a social group meant I had to adjust the a different track.  Not a problem, I’m excited about doing this and I’m flexible. 

So I started brainstorming different ideas of events and where they could be held.  It’s important that the events stay cheap because most of these people are on expensive medications, not just their disease modifying drugs, but often other medications to combat the other symptoms caused by MS.  That’s where my idea for a game afternoon came into play.  I imagined everyone getting together, chatting while playing Monopoly or Uno and munching on the few snacks I’d brought (chips, cookies and, since it’s almost Halloween, candy).

That’s not how this afternoon turned out and it went great!  Seven people came (eight if you count me :D), two were spouses of someone living with MS and there was a range of disability with this disability.  So some didn’t look like they have a disability at all and some it was very obvious.  Instead of playing games, we just talked.  We shared personal experiences with disease itself, experiences with doctors and medications.  And the two hours absolutely flew by!  I had a great time with everyone and I’m really looking forward to seeing them again next month.  Only this time, I’m not going to bring snacks.  I came home with the same amount of food as I went there with; everyone at bowling is going to love me tonight.


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