Biketober Fest ’09

J and I went to Daytona Beach for the day on Saturday to attend the annual Biketober Fest.  I’ve never been to any of the bike events over there, it just hasn’t been possible with my work schedule.  This was the first and I’m really glad it was this and not Bike Week, which J said has a ton more people.

We finally got the promised cold front after a day full of rain on Friday.  So Saturday morning felt great, until I got on the bike anyway.  I left my place and headed over to J’s wearing a t-shirt, a windbreaker and my full face helmet.  Got to J’s and added the long sleeve t-shirt I had in my backpack and my 2 pairs of knit gloves.  We had overcast skys until around Orlando, then the sun started to show up and it warmed up a bit.  I got to discover just how many miles I can go on a tank of gas, we had just gotten onto I95 when my bike started to decelerate.  A couple of weeks ago we had gone to a local bike event and when we left to head home, I had forgotten to turn my fuel back on.  Turns out forgetting then was a good thing, because when my bike started to slow down, while going 80 mph on the freeway, I knew what the problem was. 

Heading into Daytona Beach I didn’t get to see a whole lot, I was too busy concentrating on driving.  It actually made me wish I’d ridden as a passenger on J’s bike for my first trip so I could look around.  Of course I wouldn’t have been able to make the 125ish miles on the back of his bike, because of the location of the foot pegs I would have ended up with some very sore leg/butt muscles.  On my bike though, ohh it was nice!  My hands got sore, mostly because even with the gloves they were a little chilled and thanks to my MS, my hands cramped a bit.  My back also got a little sore on the way over, but that was pretty much it.  And I have some pictures!  There is one that is not work/child safe, it’ll be the last one with a warning.  So, without further ado…

DB Vikes BikeThis was the first picture I took and I had to take it for Dad.  I know the lighting doesn’t really show it, but it’s purple and yellow.  It’s the Vikings bike 😀

DB dog

I’m wondering if I could train Ciera to ride with me.  I love the little doggie goggles the dog is wearing here.

DB family bikeGot a family of 3 but most bikes only carry two?  Well no problem with the super duper family hauler!  Hmmm, seats like that might work for Ciera.

DB hogThis gives new meaning to the alternate term for motorcycles.

DB money bikeI just love the paint job on this one.

DB ocean bikeAnd this one.  The level of detail is stunning.

db nunsJ asked “You don’t believe those are nuns and nuns ride?” My response was “Nuns on bikes, sure.  Nuns on bikes giving the finger?  Nope.”  The one on the scooter was flipping the bird to bystanders as they took her (his?) picture.

DB people watchingPart of the fun was just watching the people and the different costumes and outfits they wore.  If this couple was on a bike I’m not entirely sure who did the actual driving.  Or if she managed to avoid flashing everyone.

DB people watching 2More people watching.

DB topI’m still trying to figure out how she got this top on without ripping anything.  Maybe she put a top on that was whole and had someone shred it after?  I’m not entirely sure.

DB dragon bike frontThis bike was pretty cool as well.  Even J and his buddy couldn’t figure out how the blue was done.

DB dragon bike side

DB dragon bike side close up


DB eye candyAnd some eye candy.  He looked just as good from the front.  And see the girl “between” the two guys?  She’s one of the bar girls.  One of the things that surprised me was none of the bar girls wore bikinis.  Nope, they all wore lingerie.  For the most part nothing was actually showing though.  Anything that was lacy was usually worn over another pair of something else. But it was definitely an interesting sight.

PC Pink BikeThis one was at the bike event we attended at the beginning of the month.  I got a kick out of all the pink on this one.


And finally, here’s your warning.  This next picture is not work/kid/innocent eyes safe.  So if you don’t want to see it, now is a good time to take off.



Still here?  Ok.  Here ya go!

DB toys for saleLooks like one can buy pretty much anything at one of the Daytona bike events.  Including these play toys.


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  1. Dad says:

    Great pic’s Val.. Love the people shots.


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