Ft. Lauderdale

Friday J and I headed over to Ft. Lauderdale to do a face to face with someone I’ve been chatting online with for almost 3 years.  Julie and I “meet” in a message board thread for those living with MS.  And after chatting for a few months oblivious me finally noticed her signature and had a lightbulb go off.  Her signature had her flicker account username as MsSmith (name changed to protect the innocent 😀 ), which happens to be Mom’s maiden name. 

Julie set up her flicker username as her soon to be married name.  A few inquiries later, mostly to Grandpa who’s memory is slowly starting to resemble swiss cheese, and it was determined that Julie’s then fiance Rob is actually a distant cousin.  So not only did I go to meet with an online buddy, but also a distant cousin.  Julie and Rob were in Ft. Lauderdale to head out on a cruise Saturday to celebrate their one year wedding anniversary.

J took a vacation day and came with so we both enjoyed a three day weekend.  For those interested in Ft. Lauderdale, fair warning.  THEY CAN’T DRIVE!  If there’s an inch of open space between you and the vehicle in front of you, someone else will decide they need to be in that space.  And no signaling either. 

Friday night was spent relaxing with Julie and Rob over dinner.  Saturday while Julie and Rob were boarding and enjoying their ship, J and I decided to play tourist.  We wanted to do a snorkle trip, but that was pretty much out of the question in part thanks to Ida hanging out in the Caribbean.  I know, it’s many many many miles away.  But we’re still feeling the effects here in Florida.  Trust me, I battled the winds the entire drive across Alligator Alley, there and back.  Here’s a video of the waves, this is a beach in Ft. Lauderdale.

Since snorkeling was out of the question we headed over to the Bonnet House.  This house was built by artist Frederic Clay Bartlett, a post impressionist.  He decided to build a plantation house, using his interpretation.  The house and grounds are beautiful and I was glad I had my camera with to take pictures. 

fountainThis was our view when we first walked into the courtyard of the house.  The fountain originally was made out of shells, but had to be recast in something sturdier when the shells broke down.

railingThis is a closer look at the railings.  They were sent from New Orleans for the house.  The red roofed building slightly behind the tree is an aviary.

OrchidAn orchid at Bonnet House.  The home owners were avid orchid fans and even had a greenhouse to grow them in.

These next few pictures are some of Frederic Bartlett’s artwork.  He painted the ceiling’s of some areas of the walkways.  Also, he set the shells in the cement for the eagle design.






These were two swans on the property.


There were also these monkey’s on the property.


Mom and baby monkey.





Dinner Saturday night was at the 15th St. Fisheries. I don’t like fish so I had the chicken tenders.  J however had their skillet, the fish for that varies depending on what was messed up while being prepared for other entrees.  The chef of course doesn’t want those items to go to waste, so they put it into the skillet, which is cooked with a wine alfredo sauce.  The sauce was amazing!  It’s really too bad I don’t like fish, otherwise I would totally have had that dish.  We ate on the main level, it was a little more casual and the menu is cheaper.  Our table looked out over the dock where we got to watch restaurant staff feeding the tarpon and jack (according to one gentleman, jack are like pirinha).  When the sun went down and it was full dark we got to watch fish swimming over the lights that are set down in the water.  YachtWe also did some speculating on the view outside our window.  Like this yacht.



And this yacht.  The bridge just beyond the yacht, when Julie and Rob’s ship departed we watched it sail past that  bridge.

We definitely had a good time in Ft. Lauderdale, but I don’t want to be there again without a horn.  And I wouldn’t want to live there.  It’s a good place to visit, on occasion.


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  1. JulieK says:

    awww we got a mention. you forgot to say that I am one of your very best friends 😉


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