Bowling Boys Birthday

Saturday nights are bowling league nights and November happens to contain 3 birthdays for our little group. Monday’s is Bowling Boys birthday. Poor thing has to work, so he decided he wanted to celebrate tonight after bowling. And celebrate he did! He got pretty happy and I got lots of pictures and some videos. But first, his wife Red. She’s a bit tired, and I don’t blame her. She has a 2 year old and a 1 month old at home.
Red sleeping

Red got in a nice nap and was feeling refreshed when we moved into the bar area of the bowling alley after league was done. To celebrate Bowling Boys birthday some shots were had. Bowling Boy made sure no alcohol was wasted and cleaned the tray after the drinks were delivered. BB cleaning the tray

Red and Super K ordered blow jobs, Super K’s husband was at home with their kids so Red stepped in for him. Here’s some videos of the girls enjoying their shots.  

Then it was time for Bowling Boys presents. J and I got him a gag gift, and there’s no way I could have just taken pictures of this and done it justice.  So here’s video, and if you don’t see any of the other videos in this post at least see this one. 

This was a gag gift based on a picture Red had sent us from their vacation earlier this year. They were at a beach and Bowling Boy was not only buried in the sand, he was also sculpted with a female figure. So we figured he needed some support for his new figure, that and he’s tried on some of Red’s clothing before (goofing around I hope). So he definitely needed some of his own.  So here’s Bowling Boy in all his new outfit glory!

BB in new outfit

BB adjusting new outfit

BB and red posing BB thanking J

Bowling Boy just had to thank J for the gift.


 BB posing again BB rear of outfit BB stuffed

 And of course he had to be stuffed to make sure he completely filled out the cups.


Here’s a random conversation we had with Bowling Boy. I’m not sure how we got on this topic, but it was fun listening to him explain and justify.  BB random shot BB end of the night



 Poor bowling boy seemed ready for bed at this point.


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