Time flies like an arrow…

And fruit flies like a banana 🙂 Sorry, when thinking of a title for this post my co-workers wall hanging came to mind.  I know, it’s corny.  But I could have gone the typical route and said “Time flies when you’re having fun” or anything other cheesy phrase that alludes to the passage of time.  But, as cheesy and trite as those phrases are, they are really fitting.

It amazes me how fast the time really has gone. Here we are in the beginning of February already.  I’ve been planning on having more posts, and I’ve even composed them in my head.  But I’m never at my computer while composing, or with a pen and paper to write down my thoughts.  And then I forget.  Or, like is happening right now, off track.  Time flying and how it amazes me.  Well, it amazes me because in a few short months it’ll be time again for bike MS.  This will be my third year of participation in this important fundraiser, although my role will be shifting a bit this year.

This year I’m not riding, I just can’t.  If the route was flatter then it probably wouldn’t be an issue, but there’s just too many hills and my poor legs just can’t handle those hills.  So instead I’m helping out in a much needed capacity, I’m going to be a SAG driver! SAG is support and gear, they’re the vehicles that drive up and down the route picking up riders and ferrying them to the next rest stop, providing something to eat or drink, or maybe even just a moment in the AC.  Unlike riding I’ll be stuck out on the route until the last biker has made it to the destination.  But I’m thinking that I might bring some crocheting with to keep my hands busy while we’re cruising along.

The Mid-Florida chapter of the MS Society has changed things up a bit this year. This year volunteer’s get to register on the website and can have their own fundraising page.  I actually have two, one for the bike MS and one for the brand new walk taking place in Lakeland in April!  My participation in the Lakeland walk is a story for another day.  But I am very glad that volunteer’s have the ability to fundraise online.  I was planning on still doing fundraising and this just makes it easier.  The money raised from this event is so very important, it helps people in the area with so much.  And funds even go into research, research that is being conducted to find medications that help to fight MS as a whole or even just parts (like the new oral medication recently approved by the FDA), and research that can help to find a cure.  And every dollar raised helps so much!  If you’d like to donate, please do so by clicking here, it’s tax deductible.  And if you don’t want to donate online there’s an address provided for sending funds directly to the MS Society.  Or click on the about tab, submit your address (I promise, this is seen only by me) and I’ll send you a postage paid envelope. 

Thank you so much for reading, and for helping, no matter what cause is near and dear to you. There’s so many that needs help and your generosity is appreciated.  Much love!


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