Bike Week 2010

I attended my very first every Daytona Bike Week and totally picked the wrong year for it! Florida has been experiencing a very cold winter and this past weekend was no exception.  The days weren’t too bad, but as soon as the sun disappeared the temps dropped like a rock.  I own a Columbia that I bought in Minnesota before moving down here, it’s one that has the zip out liner.  Most winters I’m okay with wearing just the inner or outer portion of the jacket.  This winter I’ve had it put together several times.  But it’s a jacket I was definitely thankful to own this weekend. For the most part it definitely kept me warm.

I left home at 2:30 Friday afternoon.  I didn’t want to be riding after dark through Orlando, I’m not that fond of driving at night these days.  Plus, I really didn’t want to be on the freeway after the sun went down.  So I headed out to Daytona all by my lonesome, J’s work wouldn’t let anyone off last week due to a new computer system. He was stuck working all day and was going to meet up with us after work.  Friends were already there, they’d gone over on Thursday.  I figured I’d be there by 4:30, maybe 5.  By leaving when I did I should have been ahead of any major rush hour traffic in Orlando.  And afterall, when we went to Biketober Fest in October it only took us a couple of hours. 

I did good, I’m not sure how long it took me to actually get to the Disney exits, but I didn’t run into any traffic jams. Until I got to the outskirts of downtown Orlando. And then it was stop and go, not slow and go, STOP and go.  For at least 6 miles, probably closer to 10.  By the time I got through the mess and was able to pull off the freeway for a break and to fill up it was 5 already.  It took me another hour to get to Daytona and meet up with our friends. By the time J got there and I meet up with him at our hotel my legs felt like blocks of ice. He actually had the heat on in our room, and he doesn’t get cold!

My first bike week was fun, there was a lot of walking though.  My poor feet were sooo sore.  I did get saddle bags, which means once they get adjusted for my bike (the shortest option is still a bit long and the one side would be resting on my muffler) I won’t have to worry about hauling everything in a backpack all the time! 

And of course I took pictures.  For some reason I was amazed at the number of women who still decided to dress very skimpy even with the cooler weather.  And the poor bar girls had to be freezing their rear ends off!

Unlike other bars I’ve been to, the bar girls don’t wear bikinis.  Nope, they’re in underwear, usually wearing one pair as “shorts” and another pair underneath as, well I guess, underwear.

 Check out the hair!

And finally, some video.  Beware, this is probably NSFW.


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