Ahh Spring!

We’re finally starting to warm up, although we are still below average.  I don’t care, it’s beautiful outside! So nice that I actually was able to take the motorcycle into work today.  And it felt great!  On this beautiful day I got to skip out of work early, I had my semi-annual neurologist appointment. The good news is everything is status quo.  The even better news? He said that there’s going to be 2 oral meds coming on the market this year!!! 2 people!

Now granted I won’t actually be able to switch for probably at least a year. That’s because one of my lesions is directly on my spinal cord at the C2 level. When my symptoms first presented my body was numb from the mid-chest down, that’s a lot of numb body. So my doc doesn’t want to take any chances of making that lesion any worse. And I’m with him, I like having use of my legs and hands. And waiting to switch to the new meds means there’ll be that much more time for it’s safety and effectiveness to be evaluated.

I did have to go have blood drawn.  Since this wasn’t planned I wasn’t able to make an appointment in advance. So I spent time in the waiting room texting my friend to see how she’s doing and how her husband is doing. That place needs magazines, they had none!  Not a one, nothing to entertain people waiting.  Well, except for the other guy waiting with his significant other. He was pretty entertaining. He feel asleep and started snoring softly.

I’m giving the Topsy Turvy another shot.  I want to be able to grow tomatoes. It may be that the direction my apartment faces is a detriment, but I really hope not. I did get some cherry tomatoes last year. This year I’m going for beefsteak ones. I also picked up a packet of chive seeds so I’ll be growing that. I’m also thinking of another Topsy Turvy with Cucumbers.  I tried doing that in the container last year and that didn’t work out so well.  Partially because I didn’t know it needed to be staked.  According to the Topsy Turvy though, cukes and green peppers are supposed to do well.  And strawberries. Although I’m thinking this weekend we just need to head to some local strawberry farms since they’re doing U-pick ’em now.  Yum!  I’m going to head outside, get some vitamin D, plant my chives and re-pot the petunia I picked up. I’m feeling very domestic, now if only there was more yard for me to be domestic in. (Still working on that)


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