Recently Sold!

I’ve been busy crocheting up a storm with special orders and haven’t had a chance to add more to the Hotpads for Hope page. Since I haven’t had anything to add there, I thought I’d show everyone pictures of what has been requested and sold. Some of these are requested college colors, but I’m not going to say which college since the same colors schemes get utilized a lot.  So, without further ado…

 Two versions for the same college.

One side of the snowflake, also requested in college colors.

Reverse of the snowflake.

And finally, this wasn’t a sold item. Rather, I decided my Petunias really need to be hanging from the shepard’s hook that is now too low to the ground for my tomatoes. Problem is, I don’t have anything to put the pot in to hang from the hook. So, I decided to make one. After NOT finding any patterns online for one, I made my own. I think it turned out pretty dang good.

I do have a couple new hotpads that will get added to the page, I’m waiting until I have a few more. If you have an order you’d like to place please let me know!  And to all the moms, Happy Mother’s Day!


One Response to Recently Sold!

  1. Carmen says:

    Val. you do an amazing job with these! I love them!


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