Oblahdee, oblahda, life goes on

La la la life goes on.  This is actually a better title than my original one of 10 little itty bitty minutes. Why? Mostly because it’s just an update about life and how it goes on.  I know I’ve been MIA, and I haven’t meant to be. We had the bike MS Citrus Tour in May, Grandpa got sick, Mom got sick, Mom got sick again and house hunting has continued.

This year for the Citrus Tour J and I were SAG drivers and next year I’ll be riding again. My friend Super K’s daughter decided she would rather ride than volunteer. As she’s only going to be 16 she needs to have someone 21 or older with her at all times. So I’m all registered for next year and even have my team set up, Cruisin’ For a Cure. I have a brand new to me road bike that will hopefully make the hills easier for me to manage. I found it on Craig’s List for $175, considering that these are usually at least $600+, I’m happy with the price. I’ve even started riding, although given the weather lately I haven’t been riding as much as I want to be/should be. Interested in a challenge? Come join my team!

Grandpa ended up having to have a pacemaker put in earlier this summer. He wasn’t out of the hospital and in rehab a week when Mom’s Crohn’s flared up landing her in the hospital. She wasn’t out a week and landed back in. Poor Mom has been through the ringer this summer. But they did manage a trip out west to visit my brother and some friends in California. Mom said it was nice being able to drink water directly from the tap. Our water here in FL has a seriously funky taste to it, so everything we drink has to be filtered.

The house hunting continues. In March J put in an offer on one that we really liked. It’s a short sale and was perfect, it only needed cosmetic work and a few minor repairs/updates. Sadly Chase was being stupid and decided they didn’t want to order a new BPO (the stuff they do to determine the price/value of the short sale home) to meet J’s asking price. So back to the drawing board we go. In the meantime, I’m still living at my 2 steps above ghetto apartment. And I currently have only 1 neighbor out of 3! The pain in the butt one moved several months ago and the one I liked just moved the past weekend 😦 Thankfully she’s not going far.

On the exercise front I’ve been trying to get more of that in. There’s been the bike rides, which I really need to improve on.  I also did something I’ve never done before today. I ran on the treadmill in the gym for 10 minutes straight! It was at a slower speed, 4.5 and 4.4, but there was no walking until the cooldown period. I was pretty proud of myself for that. My goal for that is to keep running that 10 minutes but increase my speed. I think I can manage that.


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