New toy!

I’m honestly not one of those people who HAS to have the latest and greatest in technology. I don’t have any gaming systems, except my computer, and that’s because I’m ADD with games. I get bored with them and have no desire to continue playing the game. I don’t own an iPod, although I’ve been considering it, especially with my new toy. What is it? I got the Droid X! I’m so loving this phone. I love that my calendar is right at my fingertips and I don’t have to have a gazillion items updated in a gazillion places. One calendar and it syncs to my phone.

New phone came with a 16GB memory card. I know, that’s a lot of memory. It’d definitely hold music with no problem. So what’s the issue and why would I get an iPod or MP3 player? Because listening to the radio on this yesterday at work (yep, it has an FM tuner!) really went through the battery. I don’t see being able to have this run music for a long period of time without a charger handy. But other than that, and the lack of a “button” to push on the screen for the camera, I’m loving my new phone. And finding apps to download 🙂


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