Greek Goodness

Dinner tonight was one of those “Let’s try this, and let’s throw this in” and was so good I have to share. Last month my friend Hip and her husband were on town on vacation. So J and I took them to Tarpon Springs and we had dinner at Mama’s Greek Cuisine, a place recommended by some co-workers. And oh man was it good! We all cleaned our salad plates. The main meal was heavenly. And since then, I’ve been wanting some more Greek food. Last time I went grocery shopping I picked up some Greek Salad dressing and I’ve been doing salad with that lately. I also thought it’d taste great as a chicken marinade.

Last night I pulled out some chicken and this morning I added some of the dressing as a marinade. Let it sit all day and since J beat me home he started dinner for us tonight. He heated up some olive oil in the pan, added garlic, cumin, ground ginger and chili powder. And there are no measurements for these, it was just however much he felt like throwing in. Once that was sauteed a bit then he added in the chicken and inadvertantly ended up searing it before completley cooking it. Oh was it good! A little on the sweet side, he said he tasted some smokiness. So moist and juicy and definitely something to repeat.

So tomorrow I have Greek Goodness leftovers for dinner. YUM! And then over the next couple of weeks we’ll be trying some new E-Mealz meals. On deck is the Cheese Stuffed Shells, Garden Quiche, Pinto Beans and Ham, Sausage Beans and Rice and a repeat, the Breakfast Casserole. Interested in trying E-Mealz? They provide a meal plan for the week for only $5 a month! They have different size options, different store options and different diet options. Check them out by clicking on the link.


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