I’m Popeye the Sailor Man

I’m strong to the finich!  Ok, obviously NOT Popeye, but I am slowly getting stronger. I’ve been doing Yoga at least one day a week for the last 3 years, 2 days a week for the last year or so. And while I’m not perfect at it and my body gets in the way of a lot of poses, other poses have become a lot easier. Not only can I lower myself to the ground in a slow controlled movement, I can also hold myself just off the ground. I can do planks a lot longer than I used to be able to. Side planks? They’re getting easier too. I still need to use my top foot as support, but my arms are getting better at holding me up.

I’m not saying Yoga is always easy. Some days are definitely better than others. And this week was one of those off weeks. J and I had plans to go for a bike ride on Sunday. I headed over on my bike to his place, he only lives about 4.3 miles away. But that 4.3 was hard for me on Sunday, I had to push to complete the ride to his house. Tuesday in Yoga, simple poses I’ve done a billion times were hard to hold. But in light of that negative it was good to realize the positive changes that have happened. I’m even getting better at holding Crow pose!


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