Seen and OH God My Eyes!

Daytona’s Biketober Fest was last week. J and I rode over Saturday to meet up with our friends, Biker Boy, Biker Babe and The Puerto Rican (he’s the one we blame everything on 😀 ). They had been there since Thursday but there was no way J and I could take off work to join them. This trip was, eventful and expensive, to say the least.

We planned on heading out around 8ish. It’s about a 2 1/2 hour drive over straight on I4, so that would have put is in Daytona around 11ish. Instead I couldn’t get my bike to start. Now, for some reason it doesn’t like to start cold. And it had been sitting for a few days at least, so it was definitely cold. But honestly, not that cold. So starting really shouldn’t have been an issue. It would start, and then stop. Lather, rinse and repeat. Before long it wouldn’t even turn over. So I called J, he said he’d head my way and when he got to my place determined that the batter was dead or low. So, off we go to find a new battery. Walmart didn’t have what I needed. We called Batteries Plus and Barney’s. Both had what I need, a fully charged battery, for about the same price. We got the battery and J pulled out my bikes toolkit to replace it. Except my toolkit didn’t have the Allen wrench that was needed. Off to his house he went to get his Allen wrenches. By the time the battery got changed, we got gas and headed out it was 10:30.

My plan heading out was to wear the inner half of my Columbia jacket and switch to my Viking’s windbreaker later on. Well, the Columbia wasn’t needed (still brought it though) and I headed out in my windbreaker. We stopped in Sanford for a break and since I was warm, I packed my windbreaker into my backpack. A quick word about this jacket, I LOVED it! It was a gift a few years ago from my uncle and was perfect. It rolled up and fit into my backpack purse along with wallet, brush, lotion, etc with no problems. It tied around my waist with no problems. It wasn’t too heavy to wear at night in the summer when the lack of sun was pretty much a guarentee to make me cooler.

So jacket was packed into my backpack (big bag, not the purse) and we headed back out on the road. On I95  I looked to my left and suddenly noticed a lady in a car gestering to me, it took me a moment to understand what she meant, and I pulled over to the shoulder. Turns out my backpack had unzipped and I no longer have my windbreaker in my bag. Thankfully that’s the ONLY thing that was no longer in my bag. A sheriff’s truck pulled up and asked if everything was ok, turns out he saw a purple and yellow jacket about 4 miles back. So my jacket was lost.

We finally met up with Biker Boy, Babe and The PR and headed to Main Street. I ended up following The PR into a parking lot, J was around the corner in the same lot and the BB’s were across the street. The PR and I started heading across the street (didn’t know J was in our same lot) and when we were almost completely across I noticed my wallet was missing. I panicked! Headed back across this nice busy street (looking and holding up my hand as I did so) and thankfully found it under my bike. I almost made J carry my bag after that. The rest of the day was uneventful (except for the people watching of course). I did find a license plate frame I like, except I forgot to buy it (it was $20 at the stores on Main Street), and J and I got some t-shirts of course.

Sunday we headed for Destination Daytona before going home. This has a biiigggg Harley Store, as well as J&P (I forget the rest of the name). We stopped for gas first and J decided to leave his helmet on the passenger back rest while we went the maybe mile to the parking lot. Pulled into the lot, killed the motors and J realized his helmet disappeared. He headed back the way we came to find it, and it’s gone. No helmet. So he had to buy a new one, which he needed anyway, the old one was too big. I also found the same license plate frame at J&P for $14, score! We headed home and onto bowling (after showers and naps of course) where we won all three games and moved up 2 places in the standings.  Yay us! Here’s pictures from the weekend. Bikes and “Oh my! WHAT were they THINKING when they chose that outfit?” pictures of course.

First, my new license plate frame.

And the bikes…

 This hat was made out of a Miller Light Box.

And the “What were they thinking?” pictures

 What can’t be seen? Her eyes. She had in pink contacts.


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