“You’re a wizard Harry Potter”

My fantastically awesome boyfriend got me tickets to Universal for my birthday! I’ve been dying to go see the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but even resident rate tickets are expensive. So I was going to be patient and wait until my friend ShellSueD came to town for it sometime next year. Well, who says I can’t go more than once? 😀 He even took the day off to take me on my birthday. And the weather is fantistically perfect for it. It’s not too hot, cool enough that it’d be great wandering around Universal. The water rides would be out, but eh, no big deal.

But we didn’t get to go yesterday. Or today either. Looks like right now it’ll be happening at a later date. I got sick, I’m busy fighting a cold. Granted I could actually go, but I’d be spending my time coughing, sneezing and hauling around a box of kleenex and blowing my nose. Not a fun way to experience a theme park. Instead J got to work on the trailer he bought. He wants to get it finished soon so that once he actually is able to close on a house, he has the trailer ready for moving.


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