Moving on up..To the East Side

J finally bought a house!! He closed this past Monday and funny enough, it actually is East of where I currently live. The house is in need of cosmetic updates and eventually some new windows. So nothing too major. However thanks to the selling banks delay in responding, I’ll have to extend my lease to the end of January so we’re not rushing everything.

He’s contemplating replacing the kitchen cabinets. I have to admit, they do need it. The living room he wants to replace the carpet with some kind of hard flooring, tiles or wood of some kind. So far the top contender for that is Bamboo found at a pretty decent price at Floor and Decor last night. Eventually the bathroom vanities will all be replaced as well. And the closet doors!! All of the closet doors (except for the master closet) are metal louvered doors. I don’t mind the louvered part, it’s the metal I have an issue with. So those will be replaced soon as well. The former owners were kind enough to leave the window coverings. And while the drapes are not what I’d choose, they’re not hideously ugly, so they’ll stay for now. After all, that’s one less thing we have to go get right now.

We also haven’t decided ANYTHING regarding paint yet. We have a lot of paint strips though. I think we’re waiting until we do the primer first before going through and deciding what color we want in which room and then deciding what might be a good color for that room. That or he’s already decided everything and is just humoring me regarding all of these strips. Wouldn’t put that past him šŸ™‚Ā  So this year there isn’t going to any Christmas decorations for me. I could pull out my little tree and decorate it, but given how much time we’re going to be spending at the house getting it ready, it seems a bit pointless. I’m planning on taking my camera over there this weekend so pictures are to come, I promise šŸ™‚


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