Picture Pages starring the new house!

As promised, here are the before pictures of 0ur new home!

This is the living room looking to the back of the house. Door on the left is to the kitchen, door on the right to the master bedroom. That’s a window looking out over the backyard, and Ciera’s current doggy door. The window on the left doesn’t have a screen in it, makes it easy to send Ciera out to go to the bathroom right now.

This is the living room looking to the front. The closed door is the main door, the open one to the left of that is for the garage. You can see where we were working on stripping the wall paper from the wall on the left.

The curtains that are to the far left, that’s a sliding door. I’m looking forward to just opening that door and sending Ciera out in the morning while I get ready for work. No more waiting for her to finish before I can do what I need to do.

The master bathroom.

Thankfully a nice big master closet. J has a lot of clothes!

 The kitchen looking towards the dining room. The eventual plan is to remove the cabinets and replace them, knock out the pantry and extend cabinets there, remove that little table the candle is on and add cabinets there.

Looking from the dining room to the kitchen.

Guest bedroom. The maroon carpet will eventually be replaced.

The office. Again, the carpet will eventually be replaced. As will all the metal louvered doors.

Another view of the office.

The main bath. The paint is the same as in the office and this bath has no natural light. So it’s definitely going to be painted something that’s light and bright. And the light will have to be changed into something that is brighter.

The screened porch. Right outside the door is a patio that will be great for grilling. And a bit of the view of our nice big back yard. Ciera’s already been exploring it. And rolling in something the goofy pooch. If you look closely, right at the panel just before the corner that’s a rose plant. There’s some buds on there already, but it’s definitley going to be moved. There’s not enough sunlight for it right there, and roses love alot of sun.

So these are the before pictures. This weekend was spent stripping the wall paper and putting a coat of primer in the office and guest room. We’ve also possibly decided on the color for the living room, the color and wood for the cabinets and the counter top that we want. We have a lot of work ahead of us still and a short time to do it in. But I’m excited to actually have a house to be doing all this in.


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