Back when I was your age…

We didn’t have these fancy new-fangled electronic gadgets.  Some of which I have been adamently refusing to even entertain the idea of. I know, this makes me sound like some crochety old lady and I’m only 32. But in reality, that’s not the case. A lot of the situation is knowing myself and my attention span for things.

For example, I have no gaming system. I really don’t have the attention span to justify spending hundreds of dollars on the system and then hundreds of dollars on games. Especially when I’d play a game for a while and then get bored with it, or distracted by something else. Usually something more important. Same with a music player. I never really bought all that many CDs, simply because my taste in the music on that CD typically changed before long. So I much prefer listening to the radio. The new book systems? Well, that’s easy enough. I love to read, always have. But to me, reading online just isn’t the same as physically having a book in my hand. And I know this, I met one of my closest friends on a fan fiction website. I spent a lot of time reading stories, online. It just doesn’t compare to turning a page.

But, that was before I got my phone, the Droid X. I choose the X because of the FM radio player. I like that it has a music player. I do use the music player frequently, although I still prefer Windows Media Player (side note, if anyone knows of an app that mimics WMP, please let me know! I like that WMP let’s me select songs I want to listen to at that moment and move them into a now playing list. My default music player on the X doesn’t do that). But another feature that my phone came with is the Kindle App.

I’m surprised by how much I love using this app. I still go back and forth between it and a regular book, but I do like having a “book” handy to read. I also like that I can browse the Amazon Kindle Store and find books that are free! So far I have not yet bought an actual book. It’s convienent to have for work. Lunch time and I feel like getting lost for a bit, I just bring my phone with and read. Time for bed but I want to wind down, I just grab my phone. I’ve actually been contemplating maybe getting an actual Kindle, but you know what? I think I’ll stick with my phone. It’s pretty much always with me.

Soon to come, more picture pages starring the new house! Next weekend the new hardwood floors are going in the living room and master bedroom. The plan is to spend this week finalizing the painting and next weekend putting in flooring.


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