“A House is Not a Home”

Without a few decorations!  Things are slowly getting unpacked and today I got my paintings up on the walls. No, these aren’t paintings I did myself. I’m not that talented. Unless they were paint by numbers, then maybe. But I can promise, they weren’t paint by numbers.  One, the Thomas Kinkade like cottage scene I got on the cruise I went on with Mom back in 2000 is hanging in the guest bedroom. Soon to join it is a couple of pillar holders from Partylite. They’re just too pretty to cover up, and honestly, the colors are absolutely perfect for that room!

The office doesn’t have anything as of yet. I haven’t finished going through my Partylite stuff for one. And secondly, I’m really not sure what I want to put up in here. So for now, it’s a blank slate. My ocean painting went up in the kitchen. I got this one from some person selling some paintings in City Center (pretty sure it was that one, or the building across the street) in downtown Minneapolis when Mom and I worked there.

J thinks it’s too small for the wall. And yes, it actually is a bit too small. But I’m hoping once we actually get a table and the buffett that’s coming from his parents house, visually it’ll be perfect. He was also a bit concerned with how well it would look in there. Personally, I think the Ginger Peach of the walls actually makes the other colors pop a bit more.

Finally my painting from Paris is in our bedroom. I got this January 1999 when I spent the month in Paris for a class. I knew I wanted something special from my trip and when I saw this painting done and sold by a street artist, I was hooked.

I absolutely love the slightly gloomy look to it. And what can’t actually be seen in this picture, but the artist included some, uh, metallic gold I guess paint at the ends of the branches. The space between the doors of the closet and the bathroom almost seems custom made for the picture. And no, it’s not hanging crooked, blame that on user error 🙂

There’s one final painting to hang, but that still needs to be framed. It’s the painting J got us for our anniversary last year. We had dinner at Channelside and there was this guy doing the most amazing paintings just by using spray paint! This painting is going to go up in the living room, probably on the little diagnol wall. Seems the perfect place of honor for it.

Slowly but surely the house is coming together.


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