Busy little bees

That’s been us! J is finally getting a chance to move all of his stuff into our fabulously wonderful house. Pretty much all of my stuff is unpacked. And if it’s not, well, chances are good it’s not needed anytime soon. I feel like I’m busier now than I was when I worked two jobs.

The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous! I spent yesterday afternoon raking up leaves (and didn’t finish of course) and today I pruned some of the plants we got left. We’ve had some hard frosts that haven’t been good for them, so some are looking a bit dead. But after pruning I discovered lots of still alive stuff, so while they’re all looking a bit stumpy right now, in a few short weeks they should be beautiful.

There’s still plenty we have to do in the house too. We still haven’t finished painting the kitchen, but most of what needs to be done is small stuff, so it’s not a major big deal. And of course the bathrooms need painting. Well, the main one does, the master doesn’t need paint, but it does need a light still. Now that J has most of his stuff here, maybe I can finally consider a house warming party. Not everything may be put away, but heck, I don’t think we’ll be judged for that. Break times over, time to head back to enjoy the weather!


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