I’m Released!

To head back to the gym that is. I was thrown into training at work while still having to do my day to day job, that meant no lunch time gym visits for me. And the last thing I wanted to do was stay late or come in early just to hit up the gym. Not because I didn’t want to go to the gym, but because it’s onsite at work and well, that meant more time at work than I was wanting to put in. So in December I cancelled my membership since I wasn’t able to actually use it.

I’m no longer training and my schedule is once again flexible enough that I can take my lunch period and go to the gym. So I went to sign back up and was told I had to have a doctors release. Bleh. Called my doctor’s office and asked if they could just sign the form, after all, I just had a physical in January. Nope, gotta go in. Side note, my hip has been bothering me since February, but only when I stand and start walking. Once I’ve walked a bit, it’s fine. I figured as long as you’re making me go in for this release, I’m going ask about my hip. So that’s what I got to do this morning. Headed to the doctor and got an EKG (’cause apparently if they don’t do one and I have heart problems, they could be liable. Yeah, like my parents would hold them accountable for that) and an order for an x-ray of my hip. And then he released me!

I’m excited about being able to go back, I actually do miss it. And I have a plan! I’m going to start riding my bicycle to work. I live maybe 5 miles away. This is a win-win situation, because not only will I be guaranteed of at least 20 minutes of cardio exercise each day, but I’ll be saving money in gas too. And since gas prices are, as J puts it, somewhere between OMG and holy s@#%, fast approaching WTF?!, saving money there is very important.

I’ve had people say “But it’s hot out!” Well, yeah. I live in Florida, that’s to be expected. It’s also to be expected that my body will adjust. I just need to make sure I have water with me (planning for that) and I stay hydrated. I’ve also gotten “You’ll come to work sweaty” Remember that on-site gym I mentioned? It has a shower. And for $25 a month, I get a dedicated locker AND they’ll wash my gym clothes. The only issue that may come up, no, it actually will come up, is storms. We get them during the summer, it used to be daily. But the last couple of years it hasn’t been that frequent. Which is why we’re in a drought situation. But I digress. Storms. I don’t want to be riding in those. Rain yes, I can handle rain. Storms with thunder and lightning, no. But that’s taken care of too. See J works on the same road I do, just another few miles down. So my job is between his and home. Problem solved! Got a storm moving in before I’ll be home? No problem, he can pick me up from work.

So that’s my plan. Bike to work, at lunch I’ll go do weights and then bike home. I figure the more people I tell my plan to, hopefully the more accountable I’ll be. And to help me with that is my hand dandy new toy, discovered thanks to my friend Urban Wanderlust. The Cardio Trainer app. It’s pretty cool to play with and tracks all sorts of stuff. Speaking of, time to get dinner going so I can get some exercise in tonight before Glee!


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