Chocolate anyone?

 How about a little Hershey? That’s what J and I decided her name should be. And lord knows she’s actually responding to it more than Sparrow. Seems a prior foster parent decided she should be named Sparrow because she was freed from the shelter, and birds are free. Or something along those lines. She just doesn’t look like a Sparrow. In fact, I kept getting confused and wanting to call her Swallow. What? Both are types of birds.

While I was doing the pick up and paper work the shelter staff and I were discussing options and thought maybe Cocoa. Which does fit her, but Hershey is so much cuter. And we do want her to find a fantastic forever home. So we’re going with cuter. She slept well last night, no problems. We have her set up in the kitchen where there are tiles. Gotta love NOT having an open floor plan! I don’t think we heard a peep out of her. She doesn’t like the towels in the kennel though, so those will probably get washed and back into the dog towel pile.

The poor cats are miserable. Hershey is an Australian Cattle dog, she’s a herder. And the cats apparently need herding. It doesn’t matter if they’re moving or laying someplace, she wants to play with them and herd them. So today we’ve been working on “no, leave the kitty alone”. She’s getting better at it, especially when she gets squirted with water when she doesn’t listen the first time. So that’s an improvement. Slow, but we’re getting there.

Mom showed her picture to some people at work. I’m hoping one of her co-workers decides he wants to add her to his household. Dad’s also been showing her information. She’s just so cute, how could someone not want her? I love yesterdays picture. J wanted to try and get one from the other point of view, looking at Hershey’s face. Yeah, that didn’t work out so well. But I can just picture her begging Tasha to play.


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