The Big Moose

Thinks she’s a lap dog! Her big thing tonight has been to crawl up onto the couch with us and try to play. Play consists of lots of kisses and mouthing our hands. Or feet, whatever is convienient for her.

She’s settling down more and more. Although Hershey is about 2 years old, she hasn’t yet been left alone in the house as I’ve been on vacation this week. Part of that was to help acclimate her and make her feel more comfortable. I headed to the store today, so Hershey was kenneled for about an hour. She seemed to be ok with that. Tomorrow will be longer as will Sunday. So hopefully by the time I go back to work on Monday she’ll be ok for a full day.

Hershey has gone through two major thunderstorms with no problems. It almost seemed like she wasn’t even aware of the noise or rain at all. She just curled up on the floor in front of the couch where I was sitting. She is a little clingy, not in a bad way. More in a “where is my human going, can I go and can I maybe play with my human” type of way. We are still working on basic commands with her. She’s a fast learner, while she hasn’t yet associated the word “sit” with the action, she has assocated a touch to her back end with sit. And she’s doing very well with “No Kitty”. The cats are actually coming out of their safety zones more often.

Today’s trip to the store included picking up some fabric paint. I’m going to get some solid colored bandana’s and paint “Adopt Me!” or something along those lines. I’m hoping that they will assist us in finding a good forever home for her.


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