Hershey melted

Well, she didn’t, but I did. I decided to take her to the shelter today to hang out and see if I could entice anyone into this very sweet dog. Our shelter has two lobby/office type areas. One is the adoption area and the other is Lost Pets and etc. I went into that area first because that’s where the office for the volunteer coordinators is at. She was elsewhere in the building, so Hershey and I just hung out waiting for a bit. And then we hung out chatting with the coordinator and other volunteers.

Several future forever families came into the that office and they all thought Hershey was sweet and adorable. I got to see that she does very well with children. She really is aware that children are smaller and more vulnerable. It was amazing to watch her and see how gentle she was with them. One family that came in loved her. Grandma and Grandpa were getting a dog, but they had daughter and her two kids with to make sure the dog was kid friendly. They didn’t go for Hershey though.

After a little while we went and sat outside. Yes it’s hotter than hades here right now. But I figured if we sit outside, we’ll catch people before they go into the adoption center. And it was a strategy that worked amazingly well. After sitting outside for a bit an older couple walked up. They had lost their Schnauzer about 3 months ago and were ready for a new companion. They fell in love with Hershey. I was honest with them that she needs obdience training and she still has enough puppy in her that she chews. But she knew that this was their dog. And Hershey went off to her new forever home with a wonderful couple.


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