Meet Duncan McDog

 Our newest foster dog. He’s a 5 month old Heinz 57. J and I have been playing the “What breeds is he” guessing game. So far we think there might be some Pit, some kind of water dog as his feet are webbed, and maybe some Shar Pei. His face has some wrinkles and J keeps saying his eyes have an Asian look to them. The shelter had him named as Travis, but he wasn’t really responding to it.

For being only 5 months old he’s already big. I think he’s actually a little bit bigger than Ciera, who has about 2 inches in height and length on a Sheltie. He is amazingly smart. He got “Sit” down in about 2 hours, and that wasn’t with consistent repeating. Like Hershey he wants to be a lap dog. So he keeps trying to jump up on the furniture. We’re working on “Off” and he’s starting to get that down. He reminds me of Ciera a bit, very smart but if it goes against what he wants he’s stubborn about following the command. In this case, he wants to be up on the couch cuddling with us, so that means he’s slow at following the Off command.

Duncan isn’t 100% house broken, but he does very well in the kennel. He is capable of holding it all night and, as we found out yesterday, all day. We are treating him when he goes to the bathroom outside and ignoring (except for clean up obviously) when he goes inside. Duncan is very eager to please and very food motivated. It’s definitely making training easier. Another thing we’ve started working on with him with is “Hold”. This is a command that was taught to Ciera a few years ago after she kept taking the screen door off the hinges at my old apartment because she couldn’t be bothered to wait until the door is opened before entering the apartment. Hold is coming along slowly for Duncan, but he is starting to get the general idea.

Duncan loves to give kisses and my face has already fallen victim several times. Usually when bending down to pick up something and he’s right there. That’s guaranteed to receive a face bath. Shoes aren’t safe around him. He keeps trying to steal them, but he does understand the concept of drop it when told. That’s a plus, now to get him to stop stealing them. I was sitting on the couch earlier and went to put on my slippers to get up. I could only put on one slipper, he stole the other one and relocated it to the bedroom. Where he then decided to leave it while he went and laid down on the dog bed in the kitchen.

When I brought him home he got in the car in the backseat. Then decided to stand on the console between the front seats so he could see out the window. Before I knew it he was making his way into the front passenger seat, where he happily spent the rest of the trip eagerly looking to see where we were going.


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