Seasons of Change

The last few weeks have been a roller coaster ride filled with a lot of ups and downs. I applied for a new position in my department at work and three and a half weeks ago I was offered the position. It’s actually going to focus specifically on one aspect of what my current position is. Well, actually, what my position was a year ago. Since becoming a Senior Analyst last October my job has been filled to the brim with whatever needs to be done. The new position is the same pay level as the team leads in my current branch. I love the idea that I don’t have to become a team lead to advance to the next pay grade.

Side explanation before I continue. I work in a department that has many different aspects to it. While there are similarities to what each aspect does and how it’s done, they are still very individualized with very little cross over. To me, the easiest way to explain our set up is to call the different aspects branches. Or it can be thought of visually as an org chart. The department is the CEO, then there are the VPs. So I’m going from one VP, or branch, to another under the same CEO.

Another aspect of the new job is exposure, and a chance to eventually learn what other branches of my department do. I think I’m more excited about eventually being able to learn aspects of the job for other branches. I’ve already had some exposure over the last year thanks to a project that slowly became Business As Usual. There will be more and I will actually possibly interact far more with the very people I’ve been exposed to as I get more into my new job. But first, I’ve been tasked to write procedures. EEEK!

I’m in a very odd role at the moment, a very gray area. Technically I still report to branch 1, the branch I’ve been in since day one with the company. I don’t officially transfer to the new branch until September 18th. But I’ve already been “kicked” out of my old desk into my new one in the new department. I’m already attending meetings with my new team. And already been excluded from meetings with my old team 😦 While the change is what I want and am excited for, at the same time I feel a little bum rushed. In fairness though, I do completely understand why it’s happening the way it is. The procedures I get to write? It’s a joint project for both the old and the new jobs. Certain things will need to be updated with the old job and the new job, well, they don’t have any procedures at all right now. This is a position I’m very familiar with though, when I started the project stuff last year there weren’t procedures until, oh almost 6 months after the project started.

The changes have all happened very fast too. I was told by the HR recruiter that I would get my official offer letter once the transfer date had been ironed out between the powers that be in the old and new branches. Typically when there is an internal transfer, the transfer doesn’t happen for 30-60 days. I was told last Thursday about my transfer date. And that I would be moving to my desk in two business days. Talk about things going quickly!

In the midst of all that my roller coaster took its plunge down the hill. Several weeks ago I woke up with muscle stiffness in my back. I figured I tweaked something while sleeping, no big deal. Did the typical as needed, ice, heat and ibuprofen. While it actually lasted longer than normal, it wasn’t an all the time, every day thing so I didn’t really pay any attention to it. Which is part of why I can’t pinpoint the exact date all this started.

Last Tuesday in the middle of the night (ok, it was actually closer to the time to get up) there was a very sharp, grabbing pain around my left shoulder blade. It crawled up the muscle into my neck and down the top of my shoulder. The pain was very intense and on Thursday I actually lost muscle strength in my left tricep. The bright spot in all this? I was supposed to have a nerve conduction study done on my right hand Friday morning at my Neurologist. Before we started, I told him I wanted to discuss my shoulder/back pain. You know doctors and how they’re always booked back to back to back. Well, he’s no exception so I was given the option to continue with the test or forgo the test and discuss the pain. He was very glad we made that choice. I ended up having a MRI – it was ordered as STAT and the results were called in to him by the reading radiologist that afternoon. I found out later that he also discussed my case with the doctor on call for the weekend AND a neurosurgeon.

Turns out the protruding disc seen in last years MRI at my C7 has actually bulged. I had the appointment this past Tuesday to go over the MRI and discuss options. On the MRI the nerve root can’t be seen on one side like it can on the other. The spinal fluid on that side also can’t be seen. So I’m on hiatus in terms of decisions until next week. I did a round of prednisone (damn steroids) that ended yesterday. We’ll see what happens between now and next Tuesday. There is still pain, thankfully not as bad as it was. The only position I was remotely comfortable in was on my back, that doesn’t work so well for a side sleeper. The pain I do have is tolerable right now. I’m able to make it through a day at work instead of working at home while laying on the couch because I can’t sit. I’ve been able to focus and even at times ignore the pain. Fingers crossed it continues to decline.


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