I want a do-over!

Remember when you were a kid and do-overs were allowed? A do-over pretty much guarenteed a completely different outcome than what had happened. And usually worked out well for the person requesting it. Yeah, I want one of those, I want a do-over of this past year. At least medically.

My MRI count for the year is at 3, and the year isn’t done so honestly I wouldn’t be surprised to get yet another one. It started with my hip. My back had gone out in February, nothing unusual about that, except the pain crawled around to my left hip. And when my back got better my hip didn’t. Eventually I ended up having x-rays and an MRI done. All of that lead to physical therapy. So now my hip is mostly better. I still have days where I’ve sat too much and the muscles protest when I stand and start walking.

MRI number two came about after my annual exam with my neurologist. I mentioned that everytime I look down my feet tingle. It’d been happening for awhile and wasn’t exactly something that really bothered me. I just figured it might be something my neurologist would like to know about and add to my file. I had also told him about putting my hand to sleep. I’d been having an issue where my right hand would go numb in the middle of the night. Normally when a hand or foot goes numbe, moving it about gets the feeling back with no problems. That didn’t work for my hand, the only thing that worked was holding it over the side of the bed. And I could literally feel the blood flowing back into my hand.

So my neurologist decided to schedule a nerve conduction study for my hand. The day it was supposed to happen last month they couldn’t do it. I got to the office and there was no electricity to perform the test that required “shooting” me with electrical currents. My appointment got re-scheduled for Sept 2nd, the day I was supposed to have the follow up appointment.

So the pain that occurred in my neck/back that I talked about here lead to MRI number 3. It also lead to a diagnosis of a bulging disc by the neurosurgeon. Based on the visit with the neurosurgeon I am going to be having surgery. Specifically I will be having my C6 and C7 fused. This coming Friday actually. My guess is at some point after the surgery I’ll probably be facing yet another MRI. It’s a very good thing I’m not claustrophobic, otherwise lord knows these tests would be very difficult. So considering all that, can I please have a do-over.


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