Post Surgery

Surgery went well. I had to be at the hospital at the crack of midnight last Friday. Ok, I had to be there at 6am. I didn’t sleep well the night before, surprise surprise. So I was up at showering at about 4:40. We got to the hospital, sat in waiting for maybe 5-10 minutes then went back to pre-op. I remember the side bed rails being put up and heading off to the operating room. I don’t remember a whole lot else until I woke up in the operating room after the surgery. I couldn’t talk, could barely even whisper. To do the fusion of my C6/C7 the doctor’s had to go in through my neck by my collar bones. That meant my trachea and esophagus had to be moved. The doctor had said if he couldn’t see the disc then he would close me back up. If he could see it, the surgery would take about 4 hours.

So the first thing I ask upon waking was what time it was. That’s how I knew if the actual surgery was able to be done or not. I was moved to Recovery and spent about 45 minutes in there before going to my room. Everything is a bit of a blur, and I’m sure it’s because of the anesthesia although not having my glasses probably played a role in that. When I got to my room I called J to let him and my parents know what room I was in. Which turned out to be a good thing. The patient status board had me in a different room than I was put in.

I was surprisingly awake and alert after the surgery. In the past I’ve had issues coming out of anesthesia and would normally sleep a day, day and a half away because of it. I also have a history of getting sick afterwards. I don’t know if it was the medication they gave me in advance, or the fact I couldn’t have anything to eat or drink on Friday, but thankfully I didn’t get sick this time. I finally got to eat Saturday at lunch time. Broth and jello, yum. That was dinner as well, although I got two half set jellos with my dinner broth.

I got to come home on Sunday, and my stomach thanks me for it. The lunch I got to have on Sunday did not look all that appealing. Since being home I’ve had all sorts of lovely bruises pop up. I have one on my right shoulder, J’s mom (a retired RN) thinks that someone had to hold me down for something. I know the doctor told me what caused it but I don’t recall. I also have very lovely bruises on the inside of both my wrists. I had to have electrical monitoring stuff hooked up during the surgery to check on the electrical signals, so I’m sure somehow the bruises are related to that. I also had an IV on my right inside wrist in an artery. Between the electrical monitoring and the IV, my wrist is tender right now. The down side to that? Means I can’t crochet. Due to past issues with tendonitis I wear a wrist brace while crocheting. I could probably try wearing it, but considering that the slightest pressure causes a bit of pain, it’s probably a good idea to wait.

I also can’t drive right now. It’s understandable and there is a cadre of wonderful people in my life who are willing to take me wherever I want to go. Thankfully I don’t actually want to go anywhere. But despite all the potential Jeeves’ I still feel trapped in my house. I’ve decided it’s completely psychological. The simple fact that I cannot pick up my keys, slide into the driver’s side of my car and take myself wherever I want makes me feel trapped. And it’s only been three days. Yeesh!

I have experienced a slight issue as well. J and I were changing my gauze last night and I felt light-headed. I made a call to the neurosurgeon today and he is of the belief it’s blood pressure related, so I get to go visit my general practitioner tomorrow just to make sure everything is ok. In retrospect it actually explains my headaches. I had one all day on Sunday, a migraine on Monday, a mild headache yesterday and a migraine today.

I’m looking at about 6 weeks off of work and I know I’m going to get bored out of my mind. I’ve already gone through two books and I’m thankful that the library now has books available through Kindle for checkout. I have a Kindle and Nook app on my phone. That means lots of books to read without having to worry about bugging people to take me to the library. It’s the little things. I also decided today that since I have a lot of free time on my hands, I’m going to work daily on training Duncan. Hopefully he’ll be a very well-behaved whatever puppy by the time I return to work.


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