5 Days and Counting

9 if you count the weekends. Until what you ask? Until I go back to work. And yes I’m looking forward to it. I know most people would read that and ask if I was out of my mind. Nope, not out of my mind, I promise. It has been 5 weeks to the day since I had my surgery. I like my house, but I’m ready for a different environment and some more people in that environment. And I’m looking forward to actually starting my new job. Remember, I officially became a part of a new department on Monday and had surgery on Friday. Great way to start a new position, right?

So what’s been happening in the last five weeks? Not a whole heck of a lot. I have been doing a lot of crocheting. I’ve been working on putting together some kennel sized blankets for Hillsborough County Animal Services Pit Crew. The Pit Crew is a group of people who work with the Pit Bulls at HCAS through fostering and training. Their goal is to work with these dogs so the dogs pass the Canine Good Citizen test and are adopted out to a loving forever family. They go to as many events with the Pit Bull Ambassadors and they usually have kennels with them. I had time on my hands and a lot of yarn to use up. So I’ve been slowly working on some blankets for them.

One of the things I really haven’t been doing and was supposed to be is walking. My surgeon said it would help speed up the healing process. I’m glad that the xrays I had done this week showed good progress. I haven’t been walking because I live in Florida! I know a lot of the country has actually started to see snow, but it’s still warm here. I was given two sets of pads to go with my plastic collar, which has been at times a literal pain in the head. And I sweat easily when walking. I admit, it’s an excuse, but I really could not stand the feel of the collar pads when wet. So I haven’t been walking.

That’s going to change though. I had post-op visit number 2 yesterday and I don’t have to wear the plastic collar anymore! I graduated to the soft collar and I get to start weaning myself from it. I’ll even get to start driving again soon. Woohoo! I’ve been trying to figure out how I was going to manage Christmas shopping, probably through lots of online shopping. And I wasn’t looking forward to all the shipping costs that could potentially be associated with that.


One Response to 5 Days and Counting

  1. Snowcatcher says:

    That was the best part to me, too, going back to work. It was nice to have time off, but not to be incapacitated for so long!

    I hope recovery goes well and the surgery was successful. I hope for no more pain for you!


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