Happy Veteran’s Day!

A day early đŸ™‚ I love working for a large bank, it’s a holiday we get off. And currently the day before a holiday we get to leave early at management’s descretion. It’s a nice end to my first week back to work. I have been dependant on J to get to and from work this week but decided that next week I’m driving myself. Our release time today was about his normal lunch time. So he came and picked me up and brought me home and talk about good timing.

 This would be why we had good timing. We now have one additional dog in our house. Well, only for a little bit anyway. Meet Riri (think wee wee), our neighbor. She’s an escape artist and this isn’t the first time she’s had to hang out with us, so far it’s just the longest.

Riri hails from New York originally. She was the beloved dog of an older couple and when they sadly passed recently within a week or two of each other Riri moved to Florida with their daughter. I’m not entirely sure she isn’t trying to get back to New York if possible. One time this Houdini escaped and was found living with some homeless people a few miles away. Another time we brought her into the house and her new mom came to retrieve her very shortly after.

Today when J and I got home we saw her hanging out in front of her home with no cars in sight. She trotted over to greet us and then decided to go for a walk. I headed into the house to grab a leash while J headed down in his truck to cut her off. I got her in the house and blocked her in the kitchen while I got settled in. And then Boris decided he wanted in. I anticipated some amusing fireworks; after all Duncan was on the living room side checking out Riri and trying to get through the baby gate to get her. Riri was in the kitchen, the direct route to the guest room and office, where Boris hangs out. I was disappointed. Neither dog wanted anything to do with him, much to his relief I’m sure. For the past couple of hours Riri has been curled up on my lap or next to me on the couch. I think she’s comfortable here.

In other news, J took tomorrow off and we’re going to take the short drive to Orlando and Downtown Disney. They’re having a Festival of the Arts show which sounds interesting. And Downtown Disney is always fun to go meander around. It’s like one huge giant Disney store, AND Ghiradelli Ice Cream is there. Yum! Should be a nice, relaxing way to spend a gorgeous day off of work.


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