Happy Birthday to Me!

On 11/11/11 I turned 33! It was a fun anomaly and I wasn’t the only one to experience such a thing this month. J’s birthday was 11/02/2011, a palindrome. So our birthday dates were pretty cool this year.

I had a very enjoyable day. I work for a big bank and Veteran’s Day is a recognized, official day off holiday for my department. I love it! It means I get my birthday off every year; can’t complain about that. This year J took the day off as well. He wanted to take his birthday off, he turned the big 4-0. But sadly his company was having their open house that day, so not only did he not get to take it off, he was stuck having a very icky, long day. Poor guy.

In between our birthday’s my parents took us out to dinner and they gave us our presents. I got an amazingly gorgeous Tanzanite and Diamond ring. Mom was surprised I wasn’t expecting jewelry, after all they had just been on a cruise last month and she and I both love to buy jewelry in the Caribbean. Here’s my very very pretty birthday present:  I love it! It didn’t need to be sized at all. It consists of eight pear cut Tanzanites forming a flower and petals surrounding a small round diamond. Mom has good taste!

J replaced my lost jacket for me! Several years ago one of my uncle’s gave me a Vikings windbreaker for Christmas. It was a fabulous jacket for the motorcycle. Lightweight enough that I didn’t get too hot, the sleeves easily pushed up and I could roll it small enough to fit into my backpack purse. Well last year we were heading to Daytona for Biketober Fest and I had it in my big backpack. On the freeway my bag became unzipped and I lost my jacket. I was heartbroken, I loved it. I’m very thankful that’s the only thing I lost though. J was able to find an updated one for me!

I bought myself a gift too. Since J took the day off I was looking for something to do that was relatively cheap and within a couple of hours of home. I was originally thinking that we could go out-of-town for the weekend, but between hotel costs and food I figured that’d be too much on such short notice. I found out that Disney has an art show, the Festival of the Masters that took place over the weekend. So we headed there for the day. We saw some very interesting stuff and I found a gorgeous hand blown glass vase. I couldn’t decide between a couple of them, but ultimately went with the one that originally caught my eye.  The first picture is with flash, the second without.

I got this from Eickholt Glass Co based out of Columbus, OH. The price was definitely very decent and I wouldn’t getting more pieces from him someday. So all in all, it was a very very enjoyable 33rd birthday on 11/11/11.


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