Cat Tails

A couple of weeks ago J and I were hanging out watching tv and enjoying having the windows open.  Boris was outside and we heard him meow.  That’s how he tells us he wants in or out, he meows.  Considerate of him, no?  So J opens the door to let Boris in, only there’s no Boris.  He looks in the bushes in front of the house and nope, no Boris.  But Boris is still meowing.  Finally J sees a shadow of a cat head on the ground and looks up.  Only to find…

 Yep.  Boris somehow got himself up onto the roof and he couldn’t figure out how to get down.  J could have easily lifted him off of the roof by simply standing, but Boris was having none of it.  So we hauled the step stool outside and Boris kept moving out of reach.  I tried, which in hindsight wasn’t a good idea.  One of my current post surgery restrictions is no reaching overhead for stuff.  Boris didn’t want to come to me either.  In the meantime, he’s meowing his head off the entire time.  J ended up going into the back yard, climbing the ladder onto the roof and picking up Boris.  He brought him back to the ladder where I climbed up a few steps (again, a current post surgery no no) and took Boris from J where he (Boris of course) promptly jumped down and went on his merry way.

A few days after all this occurred Boris found his way onto the roof yet again.  I got onto the step-ladder and was attempting to convince him to jump onto the bush/tree thing that grows right by the side of the house.  Boris had other plans.  Instead he decided to use my shoulder as a mid-way point to the ground.  Only I didn’t know he was using me as a mid-way point so I grabbed him and started down the step-ladder.  And Boris dug in his claws in an attempt to jump to the ground.  Thankfully Boris has finally figured out how to jump down to the ground from the roof and no longer requires our assistance.

On a side note, why does WordPress think “ladder” is spelled wrong?


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