Excuse me while I bang my head against the pillar

Disclaimer – I’m not an IT person. I do have basic knowledge of stuff and a lot of what I’m upset over right now I’ve picked up from working here.  Also, AWS refers to working from home and remotely accessing the work computer.

I got a promotion in September just before my surgery.  Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to bring my existing computer into my new role, which would make all of these issues null and void if I had.  Our computers are assigned to us, that means if I’m having computer issues, I can’t just go log into the computer of my co-worker who is out sick. It just doesn’t work that way around here.  For about a month I actually had two computers assigned to me, which had been a blessing in disguise as it helps support my argument.  When I first got to my new role and new computer assigned to me, I couldn’t remote into it from home. I kept getting a “cannot connect to server” error.  One of the IT guys got it fixed just before I went out on leave, which meant I was able to log in on occasion to clear out emails and keep in touch with my supervisors. 

The last week of leave I was able to successfully log in from home and I emailed my supervisors to let them know of my date of return, Monday November 7th.  That week I came back was a short week, I work for a big bank and we get Veteran’s Day off.  We also usually get to leave early the day before a holiday.  J was driving me to work and I didn’t want to try and figure out getting back home on the 10th when we got released early, so I was going to work from home.  Except I couldn’t get logged in.  I was getting the same “cannot connect to the server” error message.  Called in a ticket and the local IT guys have been attempting to fix it ever since.

When AWS first started 3, 3 1/2 years ago our IT people tried having us on dynamic IP addresses (a set address wasn’t assigned to a computer, the computer just grabbed whichever was available at the time).  This resulted in lots of problems, primarily people getting kicked off suddenly.  It wasn’t unusual for someone working from home, had been logged in for several hours to get disconnected suddenly when someone in the office suddenly logged into their computer.  And vice versa.  So the decision was made to give everyone a static IP address, one address per computer, the address doesn’t change. And it worked.

With the problems I’ve been having, the IT guy discovered that the IP address on my new computer changes everytime I restart my computer, which I do every night.  It’s not supposed to do that.  Apparently our computers are supposed to have a “leased” IP address for a 90 day period and then it changes for the next 90 days.  Or something like that.  Mine doesn’t work that way.  So local IT guy escalates the issue to the remote IT people (lost yet?).  I get a call this morning and the remote IT guy says that it must be my computer at home, because he’s able to access it with no problems.  This is where I get upset and tell him no, it’s not my personal computer.  I know this because remember I said that for about a month I had two computers assigned to me? During that time, before my new computer got fixed and I had surgery I had no problems remoting into my old computer but I couldn’t access my new computer at all.  And now I’m having the same problem I had then.  So sorry, no, you can’t lay this one on me folks.


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