Ornament Exchange 2011

An online group I’m a part of has decided to do an ornament exchange. I’ve been itching to do some crochet snowflakes lately and was thrilled with the “excuse” to pick up thread and itty bitty hook. My partner is getting two snowflakes from me.
This one is a Coats and Clark pattern and actually has a bit of a funny story attached.  The pattern calls for the stitches to be done as a TC, which in American terms is a Triple Crochet.  The section that seems to come to a point?  That was listed as TC Together and I was reading over the stitch instructions just to make sure I was doing it as the designer had envisioned.  I was very confused as to why the instructions say to yarn over once, when for an American TC it should be yarn over twice.  It wasn’t until I finished the snowflake that I really paid attention to the website.  It has a .uk extension; in other words it’s a United Kingdom pattern.  In the UK a TC or Triple Crochet is the equivilant of an American Double Crochet.  So all of my stitches are actually taller than they’re supposed to be.  Which, to be honest, I think actually looks pretty good.

This is the second one I made for my partner, based off a Snowcatcher pattern.  I made this one with a pearl blending filament held with the white thread.  So the snowflake has a nice pretty glitter to it.  If you crochet, definitely check out Snowcatcher’s site, she is a fabulous designer and I wish I had half of her talent.

And finally I have to share this “fabric”.  Our neighbors held a yard sale today and last night J and I were over helping move some items they needed help with (okay, J was. I’m still on lifting restrictions).  I noticed this on one of the tables.  It’s actually curtains that my neighbor had hanging at one point and decided she no longer wanted.  Which is my gain.  This fabric is so pretty and is going to look fabulous as tote bag liners.


One Response to Ornament Exchange 2011

  1. Snowcatcher says:

    I think the treble crochet worked out just fine; your partner should be very happy with her flakes! I agree; that fabric will look great as a bag!


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