An Open Letter to Congress

Dear Congress:

You are debating over raising the payroll tax.  Yet not a single one of you pays taxes yourself.  The average $40 per paycheck certainly won’t cripple me.  But there are thousands upon thousands in the United States who will feel the effect of this.  There is concern about children going hungry. Well guess what? This means even more children will go hungry.  There is concern about our economy not being stimulated enough.  Guess what again?  This means even less money going into the economy to help stimulate it.  What about the family pet?  The shelters are overrun as it is.  Losing that $40 per paycheck might mean Fido can no longer be part of the family because the family can no longer even afford to feed him.

According to, the “2011 salary for rank-and-file members of the House and Senate is $174,000 per year.”  Leadership of course makes more.  Again, according to this website, the Senate Leadership makes $193,000, the House Speaker makes $223,500 and the Majority and Minority Leaders make $193,400.  There are 435 members in the House of Representatives.  That’s an annual amount paid to them (not taking into account the increase for being in leadership levels) of $75,690,000!! I don’t know about all the other Average Joe American’s, but my salary doesn’t come anywhere NEAR the annual salary of our Congress.  To me, and I’m sure to many others, our esteemed leaders are a part of the 1%. 

So instead of increasing our taxes, why not increase theirs?  And put a stipulation on it that they cannot write into that increase anything that would eventually benefit them even further down the road.  They don’t need any more perks.  If Congress were taxed a measly 5% on their annual salary that would be a total of $3,784,500 from the members of the House alone.  Almost 4 million dollars!  Imagine what could be done with that amount of money.  I would also like to point out that while online research has indicated Congress does pay Income Taxes, I could not find a single one that indicates what percentage they pay.  So I’m going to guess that it’s pretty low.  After all, these are the people who wrote the laws governing the need to pay.  I can’t imagine they wouldn’t find a way to make it benefit themselves more.

Congress, stop thinking of yourselves and the rest of the 1% and please consider the people you’re supposed to be serving.  And as for the Senate leaving on Holiday break before this was resolved?  My job dictates that I stay as late as needed to meet deadlines.  Why is yours any different?

Your disgruntled and disgusted constituent,




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