Step by step

On March 24th I’m participating in the National MS Society Mid-Florida Chapters Walk MS that is being held at Lowry Park Zoo.  The funds raised via the Walk (and Bike event) are used to help those living with Multiple Sclerosis here in the Mid-Florida area.  Funds raised help people afford durable medical equipment to make living their lives easier, it helps people afford disease modifying medications that they may not otherwise be able to afford.  Funds go to research to help find better medications, why MS happens and hopefully, one day soon, a cure. 

MS is something that has been a part of my life since the late ’80s when my dad was diagnosed.  In 2006 I received my own diagnosis.  The symptoms vary greatly and it affects each person differently.  I walk so I can help people who are affected worse than I am, I walk so that one day someone does not have to hear “You have MS”; and I walk so that my own version of this stays just as it is and does not get any worse.  Please help me. You can help by donating here.  Every dollar helps, so even if all you can do is $1, that’s ok. It helps.  Thank you.


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